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May I Brake, Jake? Under Icy & Slippery Road Conditions

Jake brakes, also known as engine retarders, are a commonly used tool in the trucking industry to help slow down the vehicle and reduce the load on the service brakes. While they can be a great device to use in normal conditions, it's important to understand their limitations and when they should not be used.

One such limitation is in icy or very slippery conditions. #JakeBrakes work by retarding the engine, which creates resistance and slows down the truck. However, on ice, this resistance can cause the wheels to lock up, leading to a loss of traction and control and the dangerous situation of a #JackKnife.

It's important for truck drivers to be aware of the conditions of the road and adjust their driving accordingly. On dry roads, jake brakes can be used at virtually any time when the driver wishes to slow down the truck. But on icy roads, it's best to avoid using jake brakes and instead rely on the service brakes.

In conclusion, while jake brakes are a valuable tool in the trucking industry, it's important to understand their limitations and use them properly. On normal driving conditions, they can greatly improve the overall braking system of the truck. However, in icy or slippery conditions, it's best to avoid using them and rely on the service brakes for safety to avoid a potentially fatal #JackKnife scenario.

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